Scooter and Bicycle Rental in Singapore

Scooter and Bicycle rental has become increasingly popular in Singapore. The city’s shared paths are made friendly for personal mobility devices. Marina Bay, where our kiosk is located, is by far the best area in the city to enjoy the sightseeing rides on kick scooters and bicycles.

Our Kick Scooters and Bicycles for Rental

Renting a bicycle or kick scooter couldn't be any easier with JoyScoot! We are aware that everyone has different needs and likings, so we provide two types of mobility devices that will give you the flexibility, agility and freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you are free.


Riding the bicycle is definitely the better and joyful way to explore more than 6 kilometers walkway of Marina Bay and historical Singapore River district with dozens of Instagram worthy spots.


Kick scooters are light, easy to ride, and the most versatile solution to indulge in discovering Singapore. At our kiosk in Marina Bay we have kick scooter rental options for adults and kids.

JoyScoot at Marina Bay



JoyScoot is conveniently located in Marina Bay at Esplanade Mall.



Our scooter and bicycle rental packages start from as low as S$8 per/hour.



JoyScoot provides flexible kick scooter and bicycle rental packages to suit your needs.



Prevention is better than cure. Safety gear provided with all the rentals upon request.

Kick Scooter and Bicycle Tours in Singapore

The Walking Singapore

Guided tours on bicycles in partnership with The Walking Singapore cover exciting spots throughout the Marina Bay, Singapore River and the Central Business District. The feeling of pedaling along to a series of constantly changing sceneries will give one a better appreciation of our wonderful city.

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Enjoy more than 6km of scenic shared paths around Marina bay

Our Services for Mobility Devices



We provide kick scooters and bicycles for rent with one of the cheapest rates in Singapore. Rent it from as low as S$8 per/hour!



We sell our models of kick scooters and bicycles at affordable prices. Visit our Visit our kiosk at Esplanade Mall or rent or buy online.



Accessories for your scooter ride are optional. Protective gear from helmets to knee pads are available for rent too.



Need a Joyscoot kick scooter or bicycle delivered to you? Provide us with your address and our courier will get it to you whether it’s for rental or purchase.

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Find Us at Marina Bay in Singapore

Joyscoot can be easily found in Singapore Visitor Centre @ Esplanade Waterfront. Take a bus or cab to Esplanade Mall, then walk out to the waterfront, turn right and you will find Singapore Visitor Centre and Joyscoot right next to Jubilee Bridge.

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