Riding Kick Scooter in Singapore - All You Need To Know


Riding Kick Scooter in Singapore - All You Need To Know

The kick scooter is popular among both kids and adults. As such, there are models made specifically for kids and also models for adults. Many use them for short distance or last-mile commute or just as a fun way to exercise. It is definitely one of the most efficient modes of transport to be used in visiting the attractions in Singapore. 

How fast is a kick scooter?

Well, our average walking speed is around 2km/h. A kick scooter is approximately 4 to 5 times faster which is from 8 to 10km/h. In simple terms, it’s about the same pace as a jog or run. However, this is just a general idea as the speed varies according to the person riding it.

Riding kick scooter considered as an exercise?

It is actually! Kick scooting is a mild form of exercise. The usage of your limbs and also your core when balancing on the scooter would definitely contribute as a mild workout. It is not a high-intensity workout but is more of a low to mid-intensity exercise depending on the speed that you ride at. Of course, running will burn more calories. However, riding on a kick scooter is infinitely more fun than running!

Is a kick scooter safe?

Generally, yes, it is safe to ride a kick scooter. Even if an accident occurs, a large majority of the possibilities of the injuries would be minor cuts and scrapes due to the relatively low speeds of a kick scooter. Besides that, you can control the scooter effortlessly and it is relatively easy to maneuver a kick scooter even for first-timers or kids. However, if safety is a big concern for you, you could purchase a helmet, knee and elbow pads and wear them while you are riding. With these safety devices, riding a kick scooter is close to 100% safe.

LTA New Rules for Electric Scooters & PMDs

Kick scooters, e-scooters, hoverboards, unicycles and all those random hybrid devices all fall under the term of personal mobility devices or PMDs. Non-motorized PMDs guidelines are simple. You are not allowed to use them on roads but you can use all other footpaths and shared paths.

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