Best place to ride scooters and bicycles in Singapore

Many would ask what is the best place to take a ride on an scooter. Our answer would be definite: Marina Bay and banks of Singapore River is by far the best place to ride scooters and bicycles in Singapore! Together the shared paths here count to more than 10 kilometers of great quality roads and most beautiful scenery in Singapore.

Romantic Tip: Try stopping at the Jubilee bridge next to esplanade during the sunset (around 7PM usually) and you will see how sun reflects in the Marina Bay Sands complex in all colors of rainbow.

On the map below we have drawn 3 different paths and timing that it might take you to complete the paths leisurely driving your scooter, bicycle or other personal mobility device.

Marina bay scooter and bicycle riders' map

Find Us at Marina Bay in Singapore

Joyscoot can be easily found in Singapore Visitor Centre @ Esplanade Waterfront. Take a bus or cab to Esplanade Mall, then walk out to the waterfront, turn right and you will find Singapore Visitor Centre and Joyscoot right next to Jubilee Bridge.