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Bicycle rental of sightseeing around Marina Bay and Singapore River area! JoyScoot is located in Singapore Visitor Centre at Esplanade Waterfront and allows you to see dozens of historical and modern sights within a few hours without breaking a sweat. Here, a simple bicycle taken for rent might leave you the most memories and best pictures in Singapore.

Our Bicycle Models

Explorer’s Bicycle 20”

Cycling the Explorer’s Bicycle is a fun way of tourism that is popular in Singapore. Also, it is a perfect option to travel further around Marina Bay’s six-kilometer route if you are...

S$ 10.00per/hour
S$ 35.00per/day

Family Bicycle 20”

Family Bicycle is designed for a fun family ride. Comes with parent and kids saddle, that is also included with foldable kids footpad. The footpad can increase their...

S$ 10.00 per/hour
S$ 35.00per/day

Small Wheeler Bicycle 14”

Small Wheeler Bicycle is an adjustable and durable bicycle that is ideal for cycling around Marina Bay. You also can take Instagrammable and memorable pictures while...

S$ 10.00 per/hour
S$ 35.00per/day

Kids Bicycle 14”

Kids Bicycle comes with a double locking system, which keeps bicycle securely unfolded and improve the safety of the rider. Also, kids are able to ride better, smoother...

S$ 8.00 per/hour
S$ 25.00per/day

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Marina Bay and Singapore River banks are the Best Places to Ride a Bicycle in Singapore

We can confidently say that Marina Bay is the best place to rent and ride bicycles in Singapore! The area around it has perfect wide pedestrian shared paths and most beautiful sights of modern and historical Singapore that guarantee you dozens of wonderful pictures. We have prepared a simple map for you to see where you can ride bicycles that you rent from Joyscoot and how long each path will take. These picturesque routes will take you through colonial buildings, beautiful bridges, museums and places of tourist interest like Esplanade Theatres, Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands. Singapore Flyer and central business district will add to more sights and make you leave with wonderful photos and memories.

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Joyscoot can be easily found in Singapore Visitor Centre @ Esplanade Waterfront. Take a bus or cab to Esplanade Mall, then walk out to the waterfront, turn right and you will find Singapore Visitor Centre and Joyscoot right next to Jubilee Bridge.