7 reasons to buy e-scooter in Singapore

1. Great quality of shared paths

Singapore pedestrian shared paths have been created to be friendly for personal mobility devices and it makes our city probably the best in the world to own an electric scooter.

2. Quiet performance of electric scooters

Electric scooters are much quieter comparing to petrol operated scooters. Say NO to noise pollution and stay green, fit and healthy.

3. Easy and convenient to charge

On Joyscoot Model S battery can be removed and charged in a convenient location while scooter is stored properly without turning your house into a mess.

4. Lower cost for maintenance

Comparing with other vehicles, the maintenance of electric scooters is much lower. You can replace any components and repair any part of your electric scooter without making a hole in your wallet. Visit out Repair and Maintenance shop to request for assistance and repair services.

5. Ecologically clean and environmentally friendly

E-scooters are ecologically clean and don’t have any harmful emissions into atmosphere.

6. 0 cost transportation

Unlike others transportation modes, electric scooters are one time investment and don’t cost much for the next couple of years if you maintain it well and don’t leave it under the rain. Now, if you are working in Central Business District, calculate again. How much do you spend for transportation per month? How much time do you spend to commute to work? Now add on these two and see, maybe it makes sense to move closer to CBD and get yourself a PMD to go to work for free, spend less time and safe money in long run.

7. Big savings on parking charges

With Singapore’s parking prices you can save yourself few hundred dollars a year if you drive a Personal Mobility Device like electric scooter or electric bicycle.

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7 reasons to buy e-scooter in Singapore...

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