12 Best Bicycle Trails in Singapore

Posted 2021-03-13 07:54:25

Bicycle Trails in Singapore are well-known all around the world. The Lion City may seem to be tiny in size, but it is blessed with numerous green spaces. What else is a great way to sightsee rather than cycling along some of the picturesque places in Singapore?

11 Things to Know about Bicycle Rentals in Singapore

Posted 2021-03-12 14:06:58

There are plenty of bicycle rental spots in Singapore due to the reason that Singapore is a bike-friendly city and getting around on a bicycle here is the ideal choice. However, planning on renting a bicycle for a day, week, or even just for a couple of hours may seem overwhelming for first-timers. So, take a chill pill and let us guide you...

Benefits of Bicycle and Kick Scooter Rentals in Joyscoot Singapore

Posted 2021-03-10 22:00:07

Bicycle and kick scooter rentals in Singapore are lifesavers! Singapore encourages visitors and even locals to utilize bicycles and kick scooters as a mode of transport for several reasons. If you do not own a kick scooter or bicycle, you could always rent them from various rental shops. Here are some of the benefits of bicycle and kick sco...

Bringing Your Kick Scooter on Public Transport

Posted 2020-03-11 23:16:25

Singapore’s Walk Cycle Ride campaign encourages more people to adopt active mobility for the first and last mile of their public transport commutes. Hence, you are more than welcomed to bring your kick scooters or even foldable bicycles along while using public transport. Here are some of the gui...

7 Reasons to Buy Kick Scooter in Singapore

Posted 2020-03-11 22:28:00

Singapore pedestrian shared paths have been created to be friendly for personal mobility devices and it makes this city probably the best in the world to own a Kick Scooter.

13 Kick Scooter Maintenance Tips in Singapore

Posted 2020-03-11 21:23:25

Owning a kick scooter is not only for entertainment purposes for adults and children, but also enables us to get physical exercise which is an advantage. It is also an efficient way of traveling in Singapore to avoid bustling city life traffic. 

12 Attractions to Visit in Marina Bay Singapore

Posted 2020-03-11 17:29:24

Marina Bay is one of the best spots to be visited in the Lion City as this area is packed with tons of mesmerizing attractions. Housing some of the iconic structures from Merlion to Arts & Science Museum, this spot gathers about 18 million visitors per year. Check out 12 attractions to visit in Mar...

Top Five Kick Scooter Repair Shops in Singapore

Posted 2020-03-11 16:22:18

The best transport in Singapore you can have. The Scooter! What better way to enjoy Singapore than to whizz through its uninterrupted pathways. Scooting around the Lion City in a kick scooter seems to be the best way one can experience the beauty of Singapore. This means your scooter has to be in tip-top condition. So what happens...