Useful articles about electric scooters and hoverboards

12 Attractions to Visit in Marina Bay Singapore.

Located at the Singapore Flyer is JoyScoot Scooter Rentals. Rent an e-scooter or hoverboard here and ride off to explore the rest of the Marina Bay and beyond. Singapore’s heat can be challenging so an electric scooter ride solves that problem allowing you to move from place to place without breaking a sweat. Riding an e-scooter or hoverboard does not require any experience because JoyScoot Scooter Rentals provides training before each ride. Visit more attractions in Marina Bay, Singapore on two wheels!

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Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance isn’t limited to just cars, trucks or motorcycles. Even though an electric scooter is an affordable investment and maintenance costs are low, they still need regular maintenance...

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Top Six Scooter Repair Shops in Singapore

The best transport in Singapore you can have. The Scooter! What better way to enjoy Singapore than to whizz through its uninterrupted pathways. Scooting around the Lion City in an electric scooter seems to be best way one can experience the beauty of Singapore. This means your scooter has to be ...

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Buying an e-scooter in singapore

Electric scooters are environmentally-friendly, very affordable, extremely easy to use, transport and store, and you will never run out of options when choosing a brand. Before you decide on the right electric scooter for you, consider these factors...

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Bringing your electric scooter on public transport

From 1st June 2017 in Singapore, commuters are allowed to bring their foldable e-scooters on board trains and busses at all hours of the day, however, there are some rules to follow...

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7 reasons to buy e-scooter in singapore

<b>1. Great quality of shared paths</b> Singapore pedestrian shared paths have been created to be friendly for personal mobility devices and it makes our city probably the best in the world to own an electric scooter...

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Find Us at Marina Bay in Singapore

Joyscoot can be easily found in Singapore Visitor Centre @ Esplanade Waterfront. Take a bus or cab to Esplanade Mall, then walk out to the waterfront, turn right and you will find Singapore Visitor Centre and Joyscoot right next to Jubilee Bridge.