Notice! Dear customers, due to the new Singapore regulations we're no longer providing electric scooters/hoverboards rentals and sales. Starting from Nov 04 2019 our scooter rental service is NOT AVAILABLE. You can read more about the new rules on LTA website

However our store The Walking Singapore, located at Esplanade mall is open every day. Come to visit us. We have variety of sovenires and other Singaporean traditional products. We offer as well walking tours and attractions tickets.

E-scooter rental in Singapore | Marina Bay

E-Scooter rental in Singapore is perfect way for travellers to see sights of Marina Bay. Our shop is comfortably located under Singapore Flyer which allows you to save time and combine 2 attractions in one place! Choose from our e-scooter models for rent below and get yourself an unforgettable day in Singapore. Buying an e-scooter from us is easy too, with collection from our kiosk or requesting us deliver it to your house or hotel.

Our e-scooter models

Joyscoot model G

Rent if from as low as

  • S$4.12
  • per/hour *

Lightest e-scooter model for rental in the Joyscoot fleet in Singapore, the Joyscoot model G comes with removable battery which makes it more convenient to charge...

* When rented for full 24 hours daily rental.

Joyscoot model N

Rent if from as low as

  • S$4.12
  • per/hour *

Another lightweight e-scooter model for rental in the Joyscoot fleet in Singapore, the Joyscoot model N comes with removable battery which makes it more convenient to charge...

* When rented for full 24 hours daily rental.

Our Gallery

Marina Bay and Singapore River banks are the Best Places to Ride a Bicycle in Singapore

We can confidently say that Marina Bay is the best place to rent and ride bicycles in Singapore! The area around it has perfect wide pedestrian shared paths and most beautiful sights of modern and historical Singapore that guarantee you dozens of wonderful pictures. We have prepared a simple map for you to see where you can ride bicycles that you rent from Joyscoot and how long each path will take. These picturesque routes will take you through colonial buildings, beautiful bridges, museums and places of tourist interest like Esplanade Theatres, Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands. Singapore Flyer and central business district will add to more sights and make you leave with wonderful photos and memories.

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LTA rules for scooters in Singapore

  • Ride e-scooter in an organized and orderly manner, taking public safety as priority at all times.
  • Do not exceed speed limit (15km/h on footpaths, and 25km/h on pavements, shared paths and cycling paths).
  • Always stop to assist when involved in an accident, exchange particulars if necessary.
  • Electric scooters that do not comply to the form to Active Mobility Bill are not permitted to be used on public paths
  • Electric scooters are not allowed on public roads.
  • Electric scooters must be equipped with lights and to have them switched ON during hours of darkness.

Download recommendations on rules and code of conduct for cycling and the use of electric scooters and personal mobility devices in Singapore (LTA-rules.pdf)

Experience Our Kick Scooters and Bicycles Today!

We are aware that everyone has different needs and likings, so we provide two types of devices that will give you the flexibility, agility and freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you are free. Renting a bicycle or kick scooter couldn't be any easier with JoyScoot!

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Find Us at Marina Bay in Singapore

Joyscoot can be easily found in Singapore Visitor Centre @ Esplanade Waterfront. Take a bus or cab to Esplanade Mall, then walk out to the waterfront, turn right and you will find Singapore Visitor Centre and Joyscoot right next to Jubilee Bridge.